What is Pleneurethics?
Pleneurethics is a scientific system of thought that places neurological sufficiency as the centerpiece of health and ethical conduct. The word “Pleneurethics” was created from a combination of three words:

Plenary: meaning complete or whole
Neural: relating to the science of the brain and its nervous system
Ethic: developing strategies of effective and responsible behavior in Ethics
The goal of Pleneurethics is to improve the quality of lives through better management of neurological resources so as to create and sustain neurological sufficiency. Pleneurethics espouses a balanced view of the whole person through an understanding of the physical, chemical, mental, and cultural environments of the brain. The way the brain is affected by these environments and responds to them determines one’s health, character, and ability to make responsible choices.
Pleneurethics Founder
Richard Bangs Collier is a native of Hastings, Nebraska, but has spent a number of his retirement years in Tacoma, Washington. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington, he was a Carnegie Fellow in the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Washington graduate school for one year.
Richard Collier is recognized internationally for the creation of the field of Pleneurethics and for the expansion of this philosophy through the writing and publication of 15 volumes over a period of 25 years. He has achieved a number of honors as a leader and publisher, including the World Biographical Hall of Fame, Personalities of America, The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership and the Who’s Who in the World, to name a few.

What is the Pleneurethics Society and the Pleneurethics Institute?

The Pleneurethics Society was founded by Richard Bangs Collier to promote his philosophy and concepts through a variety of activities and accomplishments. Some of these include:


The Pleneurethics Society provides scholarships each year to deserving students pursuing higher education. Scholarships have been given to students in the Tacoma area – Tacoma Community College. Other scholarship recipients have attended Columbia Basin College, Warwick University in England and Pskov Volny University in Russia. For scholarship information, contact
Jennifer Hensley – Pleneurethics Society Coordinator
Send mail to: Box 65350 – University Place, WA 98484
Send email & attach applications to:  info@pleneurethics.com  
Pleneurethics Scholarship Description and Application Form
Request form @ info@pleneurethics.com
The Pleneurethics Communicator Blog is meant to assist students who are writing their papers by providing information, models, and other assistance.  Students are encouraged to interact using the “Comment” section for any Blog Entry. http://pleneurethicscommunicator.blogspot.com/




The Society sponsors outstanding speakers on the cutting edge of health care sciences to increase community awareness and knowledge.




The Society has established the Pleneurethics Institute to conduct research and development of the Pleneurethics ideas and concepts.




The Society has published, in second edition format, eight of the original volumes of Pleneurethics, other scholarly works that support Pleneurethic principles, and an annual Journal of Pleneurethics. Pleneurethics books by Richard Bangs Collier available from the Society are:
  • Pleneurethics: A New Concept of Healing, Volumes 1 through 8 in two editions
  • Essential Pleneurethics in three editions
  • Pleneurethics: Way of Life, System of Therapeutics
  • Pleneurethics: Its Evolution and Scientific Basis
  • Pleneurethics: A World Class Philosophy; and Pleneurethics
  • A Philosophical System Uniting Body, Brain, Mind in two editions.




The Pleneurethics Society and its companion entity, The Institute of Ethics and Science, exist as non-profit corporations. They are completely autonomous and are not directly affiliated with any church, school, or political position. For further information regarding Pleneurethics and the Society or its programs, please contact:


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