Pleneurethics Society Scholarships
The Pleneurethics Society provides scholarships each year to deserving students pursuing higher education. Scholarships have been given to students in the Tacoma area – Tacoma Community College. Other scholarship recipients have attended Columbia Basin College, Warwick University in England and Pskov Volny University in Russia. 
For scholarship information, contact:
Jennifer Hensley – Pleneurethics Society Coordinator

Send email & attach applications to:

Pleneurethics Scholarship and Application Form
All applicants must submit a paper for consideration

Students are awarded this scholarship upon approval of the general topic and thesis statement for their research paper. To maintain the scholarship students must complete a minimum of ten credits each quarter, obtain at least a 2.5 quarterly GPA, and be working toward a degree program at an accredited institution of higher education. The first quarter disbursement will be made at the time of award or upon enrolling for classes, whichever comes last.

At the end of the first quarter, recipients must turn in their outline for the prospective research paper; this will generate the second disbursement. The final disbursement of funds will be made upon submission of a complete draft of the research paper exploring a facet of Pleneurethics at the end of the second quarter.

Final papers must be seven to ten pages in length, double-spaced with full footnotes and bibliography. It must be submitted by the end of the third quarter. Please submit paper on disk in Microsoft Word for Windows format. Exceptional papers may receive an additional award and/or may be published in the Journal of Pleneurethics.

The Pleneurethics Scholarship is $5000 divided into three payments and awarded as each scholar reaches a certain point in their paper.  The first disbursement of $1,000 is awarded upon approval of a submitted outline of proposed paper, approved application and approved current transcripts.  The second disbursement of $1500 will be awarded upon a rough draft of the final paper, and the final payment of $2,500 will be awarded upon completion of the proposed paper.

The Pleneurethics Communicator Blog is meant to assist students who are writing their papers by providing information, models, and other assistance.  Students are encouraged to interact using the “Comment” section for any Blog Entry.