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How Do I Apply For A Scholarship?

Students are awarded this scholarship upon approval of the general topic for a research paper exploring a facet of Pleneurethics or other agreed upon topic/project.  This scholarship provides $5000.00 distributed as $1000, $1500, and $2500 over a period of three quarters.  It has been funded by the generous donations of the Pleneurethics Society, founded by Richard Bangs Collier.  The Scholarship application form can be found at HERE

What is Pleneurethics?

Pleneurethics is a scientific system of thought that places neurological sufficiency as the centerpiece of health and ethical conduct. The word “Pleneurethics” was created from a combination of three words:

  Plenary: meaning complete or whole
Neural: relating to the science of the brain and its nervous system


 developing strategies of effective and responsible behavior in Ethics
The goal of Pleneurethics is to improve the quality of lives through better management of neurological resources so as to create and sustain neurological sufficiency. Pleneurethics espouses a balanced view of the whole person through an understanding of the physical, chemical, mental, and cultural environments of the brain. The way the brain is affected by these environments and responds to them determines one’s health, character, and ability to make responsible choices.

For more information, please visit: THIS LINK

Students are awarded this scholarship upon approval of the general topic for their research paper.  To maintain the scholarship students must complete a minimum of ten credits each quarter, obtain at least a 2.7 quarterly GPA, and be working toward a degree program at an accredited institution of higher education.  The first quarter disbursement will be made at the time of award or upon enrolling for classes, whichever comes last.

At the end of the first quarter, recipients must turn in their outline for their research paper; this will generate the second disbursement.  At the end of the second quarter, the final disbursement of funds will be made upon submission of a complete draft of the research paper exploring a facet of Pleneurethics or a related topic approved by the Scholarship Committee.

Final papers must be seven to ten pages in length, double-spaced with full footnotes and bibliography.  It must be submitted by the end of the third quarter.  Please submit paper on disk in Microsoft Word for Windows format.  Exceptional papers may receive an additional award and/or may be published in the Journal of Pleneurethics.